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  • Bob Schwartz

    My name is Bob Schwartz a person in long term recovery 11/16/93 from alcohol, drugs and gambling. In my professional journey I have case managed, recovery coached, transitional half way manager and have done over 100 interventions across the USA. Of all those positions interventions I have come to realize is my passion and calling. The old thinking was a person had to hit a bottom before they might ask for help. But the new thinking is while we are waiting for people to hit their bottom way to many people are dying. We can raise the bottom and take a stance against someone’s addiction and get them the help they need before it’s to late. Tough love works and this isn’t only about the addict but the whole family. Main two reasons families don’t make the call is fear and money. After calling me I relieve them of these two fears and let them know they most likely are saving their loved ones life. First part conference call with those who will be part of the intervention to gather all the history of the alcoholic or addict. Second I meet with everyone and explain what’s going to take place at the intervention with my lead. Third getting in front of the addictive one and offering the gift of treatment and recovery with treatment already having been set up by me and me transporting the addict to treatment to take the pressure off the family. Most times the addict will receive the gift if not that’s when the tough love shows up and the family no longer can participate in their loved ones insanity. This is not a one event whatever length we have to go to we go to. Eighty per cent go to treatment on the first try. We don’t give up on the other twenty percent with most of them at some point go to treatment. I personally don’t like the word intervention I like to call it a family concerned session and we are the cycle breakers who interrupt the cycle of addicts and their codependents. Isiah 60:22 When the time is right, I, The Lord will make it happen. God Bless you till then.

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