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  • Karly Fisher Supervisor CRS

    I work for Recovery Coaching Services, I publicly represent their facilities, provide outreach services, and market on their behalf. I love my job!

    History: I grew up in a family of addiction. I then became addicted to drugs for over 14 years. I suffered. With multiple years now living in recovery, my passion is to help people, especially those suffering from addiction as well as their families.

    Hobbies/Aspirations: I enjoy nature; the sun, water, mountains, or a beach is where I find peace. I enjoy cooking, meditation, and giving lots of love to my animals. A hobby of mine is to resell items at flea markets and online. My hope is to help as many people achieve a better quality of life as I can. A dream of mine is to own my own business one day, buy a beach home and live a long happy life with my family and friends. My aspirations are to be the best person I can be and flourish in my career!


    “This above all; To thine own self be true” Shakespeare

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